Types of Glass we can Install, Repair or Replace

    We can walk you through types of glass whether for your home or business. The right glass can make your home or business safer and cheaper to run, in electricity charges from running heating or cooling equipment.

    Mirrored Glass

    Mirrors are generally supplied as silvered. The most popular being regular silver mirrors used in bathrooms. It can also be supplied in grey tinted which is ideal for home decorative splash backs. Bronze mirror is also popular for fancy or decorative business purposes like function venues or reception halls.

    Low-E Glass

    Is available in float glass and "Grade A" safety glass. It is a glass with a special coating that helps minimize the infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through the glass, radiating energy away from the glass and preventing it from transferring through the glass, depending on the quality or thickness.

    Insulated Glass

    As stated is for insulation, and is double glazed which is two pieces of glass separated by air or gas. It is available in many thicknesses made from most glass. If you live in an area that gets very hot/cold this can save you money using conditioners.

    Tempered Glass / Toughened Glass

    Is a "Grade A" Australian safety glass which is heat strengthened making it stronger, so when it does break it will so into small somewhat harmless pieces of glass, making potential injury less likely.

    Tinted Glass

    Is good for keeping in heat or heat out. Also repels UV light depending on darkness. Ideal for sun facing areas, prevents fading damage to carpets, couches and other home or business furniture or equipment.

    Obscured Glass

    A lot of different varieties and styles are available for home or office decoration. They are mainly supplied as float glass, but there are some options in tempered safety glass, and also laminated glass. It has similar advantages to frosted glass. Pictured is "Cathedral Glass" which is a type of obscured glass.

    Frosted Glass

    Is available in float and laminated options, and is ideal for the home where privacy is required. No one can see through it and it still allows natural light to enter the space brightening your home or office, but giving you privacy at the same time.

    Laminated Glass

    Also available in a variety of options but is a grade A Australian safety glass. Laminated glass is 2 pieces of glass held together with laminate between, so when it breaks it usually just cracks and holds together. This makes it a safe option for most settings in home or office. It also has some insulating properties.

    Float Glass

    A common type of glass with is available in a variety of different colours like clear, grey, green and mirror. Use is limited as it not to grade A safety standards. When it breaks or cracks it does so into large dangerous, sharp shards. For this reason it is not for public usage areas.

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